Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wednesdays Yarn Along : )

I am participating in a yarn along! I am joining in on Ginny's yarn along at I encourage you to join us on Wednesdays for some sharing of knitting/crocheting and reading!I am currently reading up on the makings of kombucha, anyone out there drink this? Quite a few health benefits and if it's healthy for me I will try it : )
My projects this week are a scarf for my dear daughter made out of a sz 10 classic cotton thread and sz 10 crochet hook....basically a ton of hexagons that will be sewn together into a very pretty scarf.
My other project is a special blanket for my granddaughter.....the pattern is called Dear Heart...the pink are heart and there will be colors surrounding the heart in blue, yellow, green and white. It is soooo pretty and I have been hanging on to the pattern for quite a while now.
I am using Patons Beehive Baby Sport yarn and a H hook. I really love the feel of this yarn as I am working on soft!
Well thats it for now : )


The Changling said...

I got a big burst of laughter from reading your post. Wow, kombucha. Yes, I have had it and I'm even interested in learning how to brew and ferment it at home, but my first experience with it was nearly disastrous. The brand I purchases was highly fermented and prone to exploding when opened. I wore half my bottle all over me.

The smell and appearance can be really intimidating. It's usually allowed to ferment for about 30 days so it had a definite aroma. I will say that once I got over the initial shock though, the drink itself wasn't half bad. The brands I've tried also have a lot of sediment. I drank it in tiny sips because giant swigs of it could be quite alarming to the taste buds. I'd be curious to find out your results if you decide to brew some up.

Kathryn said...

I've been thinking about making my own kombachu also, we love the stuff and its way too expensive - it was an aquired taste though.
Your knits are darling - I love the hearts!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous scarf and blankie! I've never tried kombucha though I've heard tons about it. I've never even seen it in a store down here, actually!

window into our life of love, joy, and adventures! said...

Well, I have tried brewing the kombucha and it was a success! I have been warned about the potential for explosions : )
The first taste and smell was a bit intimidating thats for sure!
My daughter and I really do like a lot now and we are excited in what flavors we can make! I am also excited about the savings I will benefit from! : )
Thanks for the comments ladies : )

The Changling said...

The first kombucha I tasted had raw mango added. It's difficult to call it delicious. I'd say more that the taste was intriguing.

That's awesome that you were able to brew some up. Was it easy?

window into our life of love, joy, and adventures! said...

I have had success! I am letting it "brew" for a few more days then we will be enjoying it : )
I cheated by using a bottle of store bought raw Kombucha, I simply poured it into a clear bowl, covered it with a clean cloth and let it sit for a few weeks.
Then I "fed" it some tea....let it sit some more and boom...did my scoby grow!
Rather simple....I will more than likely be taking some pics and give a final yay or nay on flavor....: )