Friday, December 26, 2008

A Big Surprise!!!

We had a wonderful Christmas day! After work I was picked up by dear hubby with a nice big cup of coffee! Yum!
I made some gorilla bread, it's a larger and yummier version of monkey bread. I will have to post some pics in a few days!
P and J opened their gifts and they were happy with the goodies they received, hubby and I were too! P gifted us with some new cozy slippers! I love my slippers as my feet are always sooooo cold. I also received some bath and body works goodies! J wrote me a very special poem. It was a very nice morning.
Since D and T were making us our Christmas dinner for this year it became a very relaxing day. I thought it would be a great time to clean the bird cages. the kids were cooking in our home so the rest of the family did a quick clean up. I was almost done with the bird cage cleaning when I heard hubby tell us that the kids were here. As he opened the door I could not believe the voices I heard! It couldn't be! So I thought. the voices belonged to Tracy's parents!
I knew that Tracy's sister Deb was coming over for a visit during Christmas, but her parents too?! What a wonderful, wonderful surprise. This family has become such a dear special addition to our family.
So Daniel and Tracy's sister Debbie made us a proper English dinner, I have to admit I have become a Yorkshire pudding fan! Oh my it's delicious stuff!!! A wonderful dinner, wonderful company, it was a very blessed day.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Beautiful Day

It has been rather busy around here as you can imagine, I am sure everyone is busy getting ready for the family gatherings that are to come.

Today we watched the kids in church perform their program, it made my heart leap with joy when the lil wee ones came on and sang their songs! They were so proud and for being all of three and four, they did an amazing job! I remember my own when they were that little, they all had their share of being in one church production or another.....and another!

The older kids put on a lil skit about being too busy.......struck a chord in all the adults hearts! I think we do tend to get too busy that we forget or miss our opportunities to help, encourage, pray for someone or even to just hear God as He quietly tries to get our attention.

Today was our family dinner day, since I do work every other weekend we try to have a Sunday meal with the kids every other Sunday. I made sticky lemon chicken and champs. It was very good and everyone enjoyed the meal.

Jessica had to leave early from our meal time to help the church as they were filling bags of food for some orphanges in Haiti, she enjoyed spending her time by helping the church and also by helping these poor kids who don't get enough to eat. I am so thankful that our children are very generous in giving......they don't give a second thought to reaching out if someone needs help.

Well that is it for now, time to do a little crocheting, I am creating snowflakes!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas

I am sitting here in the kitchen sipping my cup of tea and watching the snow quietly fall on the ground. I haven't seen a car go by at all, everything is white and so pretty! Inside all I hear is the hum of the refrigerator and the click of my hitting the keys on my laptop, I love mornings like this!

With Christmas quickly approaching I have been busy creating my snowflakes, crochet snowflakes. I plan on adding a snowflake ornament inside every card I send out as well as to everyone who receives a cookie plate from us, I love to bake oodles and oodles of cookies and gift them out to folks. I haven't quite gotten the decorating done yet, the tree is in and I must say the boys picked out a beauty this year! I was rather busy the day they went to pick the tree so I was not able to join them. She is a tall blue spruce and she smells so yummy! I will try to light her today and add ornaments in the next few days.

Well Pat is awake and in the shower now getting ready for work so I must stop and make him some breakfast before he heads out and help him brush off the car of the snow that has accumulated and warm it up!