Friday, December 31, 2010

My word for 2011 is peace. I yearn for peace in this fast paced order to get peace I really need to dwell in the presence of my Saviour much more. So my main goal is to spend more time with God, by reading His precious word, talking to Him and listening quietly and patiently. I get too busy to do that at times....listening. I really need to stop and just listen....quietly and patiently.
My desire is to give my family more peace when they enter our that home can truly become a sanctuary of love and acceptance and mercy. A place that they can close the door to the stress filled, worrisome world. Our lives can be so easily overrun with stress and worry and demands from the world that we do need a place to go to where we can relax and find God in and let him refresh us, refill us with hope, soothe our souls from the harshness of the world.
So I fondly look back at my year.....remembering the thrill and joy of watching my first granddaughter being born....such happiness and wonder! God is sooooo good! The highlight of our year was welcoming Sophie into our hearts. Sorrow, yes we did have sorrow and trials but God is so faithful to be there with us and as hard as it was to go through some of these moments, it did reaffirm our faith in Him and it made us grow.
A new year is quickly coming upon us......I am ready, are you?