Friday, December 23, 2011

Monday, October 10, 2011


It has been a rather busy few months lately, so much so that I have neglected my blogs! I am taking a respite from blogging to get life back to normal.....well, as normal as we can make it! ; )
I will be back as soon as possible, until then I do hope you all have a wonderful time welcoming in Fall, spending special moments with your family and making a ton of happy memories! : )

Sunday, July 31, 2011

A View of Our Month in Pics

July came in and went by in a flash! So much I wanted to have had accomplished but just didn't have the time....oh well, we did do a few fun things and I did manage to get them on the often I would forget my camera and miss a really neat shot or moment. I must do better this month! We only have two more months with my baby in the house.....all those years, nothing but a memory now, but oh so precious they are! This month we actually went to the grounds where the kids will be having the wedding/reception. That's is the spot, above, where the vows will be shared between them. Isn't it gorgeous?
More views of the landscape.
We are thinking this will be the bridesmaids dressing room! Lol, think they can manage to fit in there?
This will be the reception room, think candle lights, rustic decor. Before you know it the "day" will be upon us! So much to prepare still!
Hubby and I manage to get away every now and then. Here we are watching the fishermen in the Fox River.
A goose enjoying the day too.
I love this shot!
Izzy was with us too, she does like to get away and see new things too.
Geese staying cool in the water.
July was also Pat's birthday! We celebrated with family and friends. had a big cookout, here are the cupcakes I made....they are a Churro cupcake filled with caramel goodness!
Of course we had to have pico de gallo for the carne asada and chips!
Pat with Eli and Dave, Obviously Eli had some things to talk about : )
Melissa and I chatting with Megan and Rachel
Pat and Grandma, her knee was bummed so we had to sit inside for a bit, plus it was hot out!
One of the gals got this for Pat, cute shark cookie!
Pat and the boys.
A lil competition was had.
The gals chatting away : )
Two buds. My kids have the greatest friends!
A few days after Pat's birthday, it was my turn! : ) I always tell everyone that Pat was my early birthday gift. Well it was a bit tuned down for my celebration....I worked that night so had to keep it low key. We did go here tho'!
My beauty of a princess treated me to a most delish blood orange gelato or was it a sorbetto? It was soooooo good, whatever it was!
Hubby treated me to truffles! My favorite indulgence!!! My truffle was covered in chili powder, it was really good! Chocolate and chili are a good combo.
This angel was our server! She also happens to be Jessica's future sister in law's best friend. Leah was awesome and very patient as we tasted a few samples.
Well how on earth did I miss this place for so many years????? It is a needleworks store, Unfortunately it was closed for the day but I do plan on visiting this place soon!

July was very hot and humid and this year our air conditioner decided to go out on us. It didn't take long for our handy dandy air conditioner/heater guy to get it up and running though! So thankful for cool air!
July also meant trips to DQ for smoothies!!!!
Lots of rainy days...kept hubby from driving his bike.
The Martin family threw the kids a wedding shower! It was Caribbean themed. Lots of fun was had and they did an amazing job in every aspect of the party! My daughter is blessed to have such a loving/spirit filled family welcoming her into their fold.
Some limbo fun!
Some humiliating of the parents, all done in fun of course : )
Somehow a phone is never far from Pats ears!
Getting ready to play "The Almost Newlywed Game"
Two of my favorite people! Love them so much : )
Good food! Fresh fruits and veggies.
Pulled pork sandwiches and jerk chicken, yum!
Blessings of gifts for the kids and their soon to be "life together". They were blessed greatly by folks who love them dearly.
Hubby and I decided to venture into the world of juicing! Lots of great recipes here.
Loads of fresh goodness!
Our "Mean Green" drink
Our town decided July was a good month to tear up the sides of the roads and our driveways! My mailbox was a casualty as you can see. The guys did put it back up promptly the next day. Hope the improvements do help keep the waters from flooding the roads during our bad rains.
A scene often seen in our home, Jess at the table working on cards....and the Gilmore Girls series on dvd.
Trips to the "bou" to get some wedding prep planned out!
Kyle gifted me with tilling a plot in our backyard for my garden : ) Will have to wait until next year for the real garden tho' since the wedding is taking center and full attention in our lives for the summer.

A shot of my lavender, I really want to get a larger patch planted of this wonderful smelling plant!
Hubby's aunts from Australia came to the states for a visit, we treated them for a dinner out.
Our chef
Kyle in the midst of catching a shrimp
Family shot. Well that's it for July, well what was caught on camera anyway. This month really made me think on our memories....the importance of catching life as it happens on a daily basis.
Memories that may not mean much to you but are treasures to us. So one of my biggest goals for August is to catch more on the camera! So you all watch out.....I might catch you! : )