Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Visit Back-Feb

Two very special lil ladies celebrated their birthdays in February! Sophie turned 2 and Chloe turned 1, my how time flies by!!!!! Papa Bear and I are very blessed to have such lovely granddaughters to love!!!
Our Granddaughter's have family living in England, Gramps and Grams and Auntie Deb-Deb...they sent the girls some lovely cards and pictures! : ) Above you see the girls and Auntie Deb-Deb. Sophie looks a lot like her Auntie!
Here is Gramps and Grams!
Sophie received a special gift from Gramps and she is working on her puzzle while skyping with them! Makes the miles not feel so far away.
Sophie loves her puzzles!

After naptime we treated the girls to some yummy ice cream.
Grampy, DaDa and Mumma checking out what is the best thing to order....I think Sophie was checking out the decorations in the shop.
Mumma and Sophie
DaDa and Grampy, someone was enjoying his shake! ; )
Chloe munching on some waffle cone
Sophie checking out the "goods" everyone else had....we don't want to miss a taste now do we!
February was a good month for baking bread!
We had a dual birthday party for the girls, the theme was "stars"
Sophie was enamored with stars....her favorite movie was Tangled.....we called the lanterns stars: )
Daughter in love had fun hanging stars and fairy lights everywhere

We had a lil feast going on!
Daughter in love made butterflies for Sophie
Ladybugs for Chloe......they were quite delish!
The beverage table
Auntie Jess made the girls their cake
1 for Chloe
2 for Sophie
We had some very special guests! Sophie and Chloe love them very much! They even braved the snow to come and celebrate with the girls!
February was a perfect month for cuddles with our Uncle Pat Pat!
Dan made some very yummy bread pudding with homemade brioche and a whiskey/caramel sauce! We enjoy the fact that our son loves to bake!
February was a perfect time to take our first steps!!! Here Chloe is walking with her toy but she did take her first steps this month!
February is the perfect month to learn to use our spoon! Sophie is telling her Mummy that she can do it! : ) She did a very good job too!
February is the perfect month for snow! Uncle Pat's car under a night of snowfall......we really didn't get much snow this year.
So we enjoyed the little bit we got!
Chloe loved it!
So did Sophie
Mummy took the girls out for a little sleigh ride.
Fun times
Sophie preferred playing in the snow
This Grammy made some special strawberry cookies!
February was a wonderful memory filled time with our kids and grandloves! Hmmmmm wonder what March will bring us!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Glance At January

Time to get back to my blogging! I started this blog as a way for our family and friends who live far away from us to be able to keep up with our lives and a way for me to keep memories from being forgotten.
I have had a difficult time getting back into my routines since the end of summer!!!!!
Yes, the wedding was wonderful and beautiful but boy did it throw me off my routines!
With a new year upon us I thought it is high time I got back into the game!
So hopefully, God-willing, I will be posting on a regular basis, taking pics......I have also kind of fallen off my picture taking moments.......looking back at the past few months I have realized that I have missed many photo opportunities....memories that will not be seen again. we go! A glimpse into our January.....enjoy.
Oh, but first I may add......I do not take pictures to impress you all with, I am just recording memories....I will be the first to say that I am not a photographer and I don't pretend to be one either, my pictures are taken by a proud mom/grammy/friend, to share with those who care to take a peek.

The end of Dec/beginning of Jan I worked on some beautiful dresses for some very sweet, gorgeous girls who were going on a cruise for a family vacation. I am certain they were the prettiest girls on board their ship!

We finally saw snow!!!!!
Izzy loved it! Can you see her lil....well maybe not so lil tongue trying to catch snowflakes? It was quite a sight watching her prancing around the yard while it was snowing!
Some of my loves out for a family walk.....well some were walking and others were enjoying the view!
Celebrated Hubby's birthday at a Mexican restaurant, oh! We also celebrated another special person's birthday too! Ms. Liz shares the same birthday as Hubby!
Enjoying some music while we "Cupcake" loved watching him play and signed "more" when he was done. Too cute! FYI, my daughter in love is teaching the grandloves to sign and speak! : )
Here are some of my favorite people!
And more.....
And some more, funny tho' Bill and Mary somehow managed to not get in some pics! Have to change that! I have gotten quite rusty in my picture taking!!!!
Ok, not the best shot of me but had to share this pic....only one of the two of us. Hubby and I enjoying the night.
Daughter in love and the grandloves and I went for a was cold but not terribly cold.
As we got out of the car and were loading the girls into the stroller/ daughter in love is British.....hence the word pushchair, we saw one of my oldest grandlove's favorite animals!!!!! Actually we saw two, one was hidden.
At the end of our walk someone fell asleep! Lil Dumplin was very tired or very relaxed! Cupcake enjoyed her walk. Are they not tooooooo cute?!!!!!!!!
Thank you to Arielle and her mom and dad, Kathy and Bob, Hubby was able to enjoy some fresh lobster!
So ends January.
Lets see what February brings us!