Sunday, September 12, 2010

My Week In Pictures/Sept. 5-12-2010

One of my projects I have gotten back to. I am planning on posting a week by week progress picture, hopefully that will keep me on track and I can finish this one and hang it in my kitchen and get another one going! : )
So this is what I got done this week.
Mazi is enjoying his ear of fresh corn! Hubby's co-worker gave us a nice bunch of corn and of course I share all food with my fids!
We went on a bike ride and what did we see? Cornfields : ) ...the fields are getting a golden glow in the evenings now. Sorry it was a tad was going fast. I love riding by the fields, to me it is relaxing to see acres and acres of corn.
A view from hubby's seat. I love riding with him! Evening rides are the best!
Every small town has a country church on a corner.....
Bailey and I enjoy sitting in the backyard in the mornings, we listen to the birds and the soft rustle of the wind as it blows through the trees and watch the dogs play.
Izzy found a branch, these dogs are obsessed with branches! While Izzy is paying attention to the fence ( that dasterdly squirrel is in there somewhere!) Maggie is contemplating snatching the branch away while she can!
Jessica made her first batch of tamales! Here they are simmering away nice and slow : )

Thats it for now! A new week begins......lets see what comes its way.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Last week of August!

Poor Mazi got caught in a storm! Nothing sadder looking than a wet bird, but we still love him!

His face just makes me laugh!
Next day we are nice and dry and hanging with our favorite person in the world! My hubby.
Me with Weezer and Tilly, I am handling them on a daily basis for very short amounts of time since they are not too keen on it yet.
Once Weezer has been in my hands for a few minutes she is so comfy and relaxed, she loves scritches!
Going through my books for projects!
I sure could use some industrious mice like these for real!
Almost time to put these beauties away for the season.....although will do so reluctantly.
Bailey enjoying the great day ourdoors.
I love hanging my clothes on the line!
Just because.....
Beautiful day out! We now venture into September! Time for apples and pumpkins and cinnamon....blustery days.....falling leaves in shades of gold and orange and yellows and reds!
Wood burning in the it!!!!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

ILCS Exchange

I took part in a bookmark exchange a few months ago, we were partnered with another fellow stitcher. The exchange was all about summer! Best time to read books are in the summer whie one is sipping away on something nice and cool : ) so the exchange consisted of a stitched bookmark, two skeins of embroidery thread in summery colors and some packets of those lil individual drink mixes.
As you can see my partner did an outstanding job on the bookmark she made for me! I love it! I esp love the glittery fabric she used, it's hard to see it on camera but it is gorgeous.
I received not only a wonderful bookmark, but some lovely thread that is hand dyed and 3 packets of yummy tea! What a surprise to see a cross stitch magazine and a book in the envelope as well!!!!! It is wonderful to have a group of fellow stitchers to enjoy stitching with and for!