Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Giveaway!

For all my yarn addicts out there and it does go nicely today with it being a yarn along day! is holding a giveaway! Check them out and enter : )

Here's the link for their giveaway!

Best of luck to you! : )

I love Wednesdays! Ginny's Yarn Along Time!

I am taking a quick break to post this, it has been a rather busy day today! But I did not want to miss out on adding my yarn along project! I am planning on ending the day by having my cup of yummy tea.....earl grey with lavender....mmmmmm and reading everyone's posts! I love blog hopping, I get so many ideas.....and I love to see how others are enjoying the fine art of yarn creations!
This week I am still reading Lark is quite a big one! I am enjoying it and imagining how those walks thru an English village would be like. Quite interesting characters too. I am still reading through One Thousand Gifts.....not in this pic but I have it on my nook.....relishing every page Ann has written. She is definitely not one whom you can quickly read through and I love that! I love taking in words......slowly and pondering on them. For my quick reading tho' I am into my good ole Tightwad Gazette. I have had this book for years and I still enjoy thumbing through it and getting re-inspired to live on the frugal side!
As for my handwork.....I am still working on my daughters scarf....crocheting that one......I am almost done with the amount of hexagons I need to finish it! : )
I am knitting some new dish towels for my kitchen.......I do love the cotton yarn, it holds up to a ton of cleaning and it does get my dishes quite clean.
Well breaktime is over so off to get some more work done so I can play! : )
have a great day every one!

Ooops almost forgot! You can find Ginny here: to see you there!

Monday, March 28, 2011

It's Monday Again

It seems like not much has been going on but a lot has been going on.......nothing exciting to write about, I think at times, and yet life is so full and busy that I don't have time to write.

My oldest has begun to just write.....write the words that are swimming in his head.....instead of being deliberate....maybe that is a good idea. I have so much to write about.....maybe too much! Oh my spinning head. was a quiet day, which is great considering I worked last night. I like to keep life at a peaceful calm when I work nights......only fill my days with the necessaries. I got off work this morning and was picked up by my handsome son : ) love our lil moments of chats like this......fed Izzy and let her play outside for a few minutes....had a chance to say howdy to my dear daughter before she left for work.....chatted on the phone with hubby. I even had time to stitch a little before I lay down for my nap! : )

Woke up and had a houseful of young gals who are learning to sew! Love that! My daughter is teaching some young ladies the art of sewing and hopefully they will become big fans!

After a little puttering and reading it is time once again for my then I am free! : ) for 6 glorious days!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Blue Day

It really was a sad yet good day today. Pic above is our Maggie, who no longer is ours but someone else's......we made the hard decision to let her go to a home that would fit her better.
Her new home is in the country a bit.....much more room than we have here.....daily walks and a trio of pugs to play with! Her new mommy is a single mom and wanted a dog that would "watch" their home and help them to feel safe....Maggie is perfect for that! Her mom also said we are welcome to visit Maggie when we want to.....she is only over the river and a few miles away. I will miss her....but I am sure she will be much happier in her new home. Izzy is an only pup-child again.....she seems to like that. Izzy was getting very impatient with Maggie and the two even had more than a few squabbles.....not a fun thing to see!
So with sadness we said goodbye to Maggie yet with thankfulness we are happy she found a good home with people who understand and love the big old mastiff.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Yarn Along!

So, what are you knitting or crocheting right now? What are you reading? Take a single photo and share it either on your blog or on Flickr. Leave a link below to share your photo with the rest of us! ~
Ginny from
I love taking part in this every week although I missed the last few due to life getting busy for me.....this is a great way to get moving on projects and actually get them done! I love the sharing and and ecouragement that goes along with this too! : ) There are a ton of great knitters and crocheters out there.
So I encourage you to take part and head on over to her blog and take a peek at some great creations and see what everyone is reading as well.

I finally finished the lil blanket for my grand-daughter Sophie.....I hope she likes it! It was fun crocheting this one but oh my the lil tags that I had to weave in! That was not my favorite part.
This pattern was a freebie from years ago from Red Heart.
The book I am reading is a new find at my library.....sounds lovely......I have only just started it so I can't really say much about it but I am looking forward to escaping into its pages! Now to find a new project and to finish my daughter's scarf : )

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Elizabeth Mitchell - Three little birds

My goodness but time seems to fly by so fast these days! Quite a bit of busyness has been going on here but it feels like not much has gotten done! The makings of a wedding, a DIY wedding! It is going to fly by.....this year.....I love being a mom but I sure do not like seeing my lil birds fly the nest! Came upon this lil song and I love it! Her voice is pretty and soothing too.....thinking I need to buy some of her music! : )

I know, it is an old Marley song but I do like Elizabeth's version much better. But this song reminds me of when my kids were young and cute....ok, they are much older now but they are still cute! We used to sing songs like this all the time, they of course more than likely don't remember! But this mom does!

So wedding stuff....."save the date" cards are done and now need to get addressed and mailed out. Princess and I went a fabric store! Oh how I love fabric!!!!! We found the perfect pattern for the bridesmaids dresses that I will be sewing!!!!!! Can you feel my excitement???? I am so looking forward to it : ) Of course finding the perfect dress for our Princess is next on the agenda! My goodness how I have things running through my head! So much, will all fall into place. Pray for me! ; )
I have so much sewing and crocheting to do! On top of a wedding more babies are making their way......exciting : )
I will try to keep my camera charged and take pics along the way so I can share with you!

Today is such a special day....yes, I have 3 great kids whom I adore with all my heart! It used to scare me how much I loved them! But I still do to this day, love them that is! What makes today special? Today is my oldest sons birthday.....he is the one who started me on my adventure of motherhood, my first moments of smitten love and devotion and confusion! Especially during those teen years! But we survive, love and "I am sorry" are great band-aids in life as well as crying out to God!......he celebrates now with his own family......far away across the pond. I miss him so but my heart is happy for him, for he has been blessed with so much! Not the things of earth but the things that matter! Family, his own lil family to love and be loved back. So I send prayers up for him and ask for continued blessings on his life, for him to feel our love flying across all the miles.

Today, we also are celebrating a new marriage! I am going to a wedding shower for two of my favorite people! I love celebrating new marriages, new babies.....families and friends coming together to celebrate! : )

Well time to worship! have a wonderful Sunday!