Sunday, January 9, 2011

So A new year is upon us and I am back to getting the week in pics started! I did forget to take my camera along on the road a few times....need to get back into the habit of snapping pictures everywhere : ) Our first week of the year has been a quiet one.....trying to get life back to normal, household back to normal.
I am working hard on updating my household binder, journals, and getting some rooms organised. Busy work but work I love doing as I am happiest when I am home!

Cilantro and the colors and the smells for these two items! These two are a must have for the dish below!
Ok, one of our yearly have to make dishes is Menudo. I will spare you the details of what it is but you do need to acquire a taste for it if you haven't had it before....but it is delish! ; ) Hubby makes it every year! We really miss our eating pal Talma during this time of year, this is one of her favs!
My beautiful daughter working on her scarf....can you see it on the table? Have to pause for the ever present text coming in on her phone! : )
Trees across the street from was a rather gray cold day.
Our two babies, the lil bit of plaid is my leg on the side of the bed and the lump on the other side is hubby under the covers.....these two pups think it's their bed!
My sister gifted this container to me when she was here this past summer, she found it at one of our local antique shops. I love holding my stitchery in it : ) One of my favorite things to do in the evening is sit and listen to the radio or watch a video and do my handwork and sip my tea.....oh can ya'll see the lil bit of chocolate wrapping in the back? Lol, didn't hide it well enough did I? : )
A very special friend and her hubby gifted us with this deliciousness.....I did enjoy a few handfuls before hubby took it to work with him for his snack!
Pleasures of winter...scraping the windows! My dear daughter getting ready to go shopping.

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