Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Soooooo cold!

Ok, so now I am ready for Spring to come! I am sooooo tired of putting on the coats, gloves hats and whatnots just to go outside! I am ready to work in the yard, plant flowers get my garden started and just hang out outside!
Snow is all I see when I look outside.......
This is my daughter playing outside with the dogs, snow, snow, snow!

We celebrated hubby's b-day Sat. by meeting the family at a all you can eat buffet restaurant. Everyone had their favorite item to eat and plenty of it too! Mon. he took the day off so we went out for a b-day lunch date, just he and I! We went to Olive Garden, one of my fav places to eat!!!!!
Tues. was his actual b-day, I made ribs for dinner and his fav cake pineapple upside down cake. The kids came and went thru the day to spend some time with him which made him very happy. In the evening the boys gave hubby his gift, a sweet tea maker!

Well time to get a little rest!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

How can one be sad and have joy at the same time?

It has been quite a week, my great uncle was taken into the hospital against his desire, to have him check himself out a few days ago. The dr did tell him he would only have a few days left if he left. My uncle did tell them that if he was going to die then he would die at his home, the home he grew up in. this is the same house my mom and her siblings grew up in and I grew up there as well. I spent my summers with my great grand parents as a child.
Today, at 3:10 pm my uncle left our world and entered into the heavens.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

A New Start

Wow, where did 2008 go so fast? seeing how fast life can fly by has really made me stop and think about this new year and what I want to accomplish and savor.
as hubby and I were having breakfast we were sharing our thoughts on our goals for the new year. Of course we both want to grow in our relationship with our Lord, letting Him be the leader in our home....we are working on doing devotions together as well as on our own. We both think it is important to have a time of shared devotion and prayer as well as a private time of devotion and prayer.
I of course want to get through my pre-requisites for the nursing program I am hoping to get into in a year. To get into the program I really need to buckle down and focus on getting the last of my classes done and then start studying for the nursing entrance exam!
As for our goals for our relationships, we feel that we really need to spend more time with the people that come into our loves. We need to spend time with them, listening to them, encouraging them as well as praying for them.
Yes, we are excited for the new year.....what adventures will befall us?
I wish you all a wonderful year!