Thursday, February 19, 2009

Time to catch up

Hope you all had a wonderful Valentines day! I had to work that night and hubby had to work in the evening but he still wanted to do something special sooooooo off for a romantic breakfast we went! Not long after we got our orders and were enjoying our omelets did I see these men in white tuxedos, they were walking to our table and loudly asking for me........I just looked at my husband and asked him what did he do now! Well the men presented me with a beautiful rose and a lovely card then they broke into song!!!!!! did I mention the restaurant was packed that morning??????
It was a big surprise but a lovely romantic one if I do say so myself. So today being Thankful Thursday.......
I am very thankful for my husband, we have been together so long now but he still amazes me with his romantic side. He is also such a hard worker and strives to make our needs met as well as our wants. He will also tell you that he is not the perfect man of God, but then who is?, but he tries to lead our family as well as himself in a way that would honor God.
Yes! I am truly thankful that he is my husband and I am his helpmate!