Wednesday, May 28, 2008

time flies!

Well I haven't posted much here or revamped the site either! Life just gets too busy sometimes.
I have been trying to get the yard in order and the inside of the house along with the rest of the craziness.
Today was a somewhat relaxed day, I did some more of the never ending laundry...I am getting my clothes line this weekend!!!! I am so excited and happy. I have been requesting one for about five years now! I am planning on laying out some lavender and rose bushes around it so the scent of the flowers can touch the laundry. I will be posting pictures!
The rest of the day was spent usual. I did get a little stitching done too. I am making Ari a special Christmas gift! I can't say what it is cuzzzzzzzz my dear sis can't keep a secret! I know he is going to love it!
time to rest up, have to work tonight!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Time to rest! Sort of

Finally time off from work! Going back after being off for a week was rather hard.....but it feels good to be back.
Today I have a ton of laundry and cleaning to do......home cooked meal? Yup!
During my devotions this morning I wondered, what type of legacy am I leaving? I pray when people think of me they not see me in the physical sense...but in my character.
With Mothers Day approaching I tend to reflect on the whole aspect of being a mother and I am so truly grateful that God gifted me and trusted me with his children! I desire to have my children see me as a mother who prayed. A mother who loved.
I also thank God that I have a wonderful prayerful mom and grandmother, their devotion to God and their personal prayer life have been an inspiration to me and because of their commitment to prayer we have been blessed with family coming to know Christ!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Nana on Ron's bike, ready to hit the road!

We had lunch at this lil bakery, it is a Georgian bakery and the bread in there is the yummiest! We had hachapuris. Hachapuris are like empanadas, they are filled with cheese, meat or fruit.

Poor Nana! She is wearing two coats! We were on our way to watch Jess at her track event. It was a rather cool day for us.

Jessica doing the discus, she was freezing!

Nana in front of a beautiful stained glass picture. this was taken inside Navy Pier, they had some gorgeous displays!

Me (yes, it was dark) in front of a beautiful angel. I would love to have one of these in my window!

Diana made it to Oprah Studios! As you can see she even went shopping in the Oprah Store!

The girls in front of Harpo Studios.
It's the Bean! Tons of people come to the city to see this!

A reflection off the bean!

Looking at the Bean while Vic takes a picture.

Cute couple!

I don't know what to say.
Vic, Diana and Ron on our walk to Millinium Park. We were walking the famous Magnificent mile.

Nana and kids resting from the walk. We are in Millinium Park.

Diana on a hands on sculpture in the park. Art is a huge thing in Chicago.

Nana and the kids at Navy Pier

Diana and kids at Navy Pier

My boys!

Jessica, Nana, Diana and Vic waiting to launch out to view the city viz the Chicago River. It was a warm kind of sunny day but it was cold in the water!

the great mighty Sears Tower! We were way up on the top of that building!
Daniel, our aspiring author!

Ron and I

Jessica in front of a pic of a well known lawyer.

this view was taken from inside the Sears Tower, it is amazing! the views one sees. On clear sunny days you can see the states of Michigan, Indiana and Wisconsin.

Time in Chicago!

Well, we had a wonderful time with Vic, Diana and Nana! It was great to spend time together and laugh, eat and listen again to the ever loving voice of the Garmin recalculating!!!!
I am posting pics hope you all enjoy! Maybe one day you too will walk the great streets of Chicago!