Monday, February 21, 2011

Gifts Keep Coming

Monday....a fresh new week....hmmm wonder what ups and downs will occur this week, what lessons to learn. What gifts to hang on to.....
Join me as I continue to jot down the never ending lists of gifts He has blessed me with......visit Ann, here.... , catch up with some other bloggers as we join in thanks......

A Thousand Gifts......

18. 10 perfect lil fingers and toes, so precious.....a new love to savor.
19. My young lady finally has her sisters!
20. Laughter, words of love, encouragement spoken between Mom and me.....somehow the many miles.....gone...... as we connect on the phone.
21. Big happy smile from Hubby, fresh off the "bike" first ride of the year......
22. My young man.....heading out the door to willingly become a servant......his smile touching those who have home, no job.....but this day receiving love......His love.
23. Strong hands so gentle on me as he prays.....lifts me up to our Lord.
24. Comforts.....heat, water, power, home, He is so good.......

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Taking a break!

Introducing my newest grandbaby.....Chloe Rose : ) I hope this works.....

She was born on Valentines Day, how sweet is that!
She joins her big sis who turned 1 on the 3rd of February........Chloe was a surprise! My son and daughter in love did plan on having them spaced out a lil bit further than 1 year! Sometimes the best laid out plans just don't pan out do they?
Mom and Dad are going to be quite busy! But they are very thankful for both of these girls and I know they will be nurtured and loved.
The kids are in England, my daughter in love is British, and we miss them so very much but we are grateful that they are able to have some time there.
We also found out that our other married "adopted by love" son and his beautiful wife, are expecting their first baby in August! So excited for them : )
It is going to be quite an exciting year with the plans of my daughters wedding, babies born and being born!
Well I should get back to my cleaning......finally packed up all the snowpeople! Dusting and deep cleaning here and there is what I am doing today.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Today I am taking part in this fun event! Ok......I is late evening and the day is done but now comes inspiration for some creativity! One of my passions is sewing and when I stumbled upon this blog,http://happinesscomes.wordpress.
com/2011/02/10/the-sewing-bee/, I knew I had to take part!

Most of my creative juices come late in the day.....homemaking and enjoying time with my family take a big chunk of my day....but late in the evening into nighttime.....I dream and come up with many things! : ).
Although I haven't officially named her as of yet.............
I would like to introduce you to one of my lil darlins....she is for a special lil girl named Elizabeth and I have been calling this beauty Lizzie.....maybe it'll stick maybe not. She is a joy to work on and I can envision her scampering across the fields picking wildflowers and frogs! : ) She is a fun one!
So now to get her finished!
Happy sewing!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Yarn Along and Words

Well as you can see not much of any yarning has been going on since I have caught this bug which has taken all my energy.
But I am reading this wonderful book by Ann Voskamp......One Thousand inspiring!
What a beautiful gift Ann has given us.....her written words. If you don't have the book I encourage you to pick one up.....and live fully!

I am feeling a bit better today and am anxious to pick up my hooks and yarn! Hope to have a finished product to show you all next week!
For now I am enjoying visiting bloggers who are taking part in this yarn along at, so much talent out there! : )

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Joy of Love Day 5

I am taking part in challenge of e journaling. Willette will send out challenges and we take pics jot a few words and memories are made : ) Interested???? Join us!
Todays challenge is catching something we love to hate.
I have 3 wonderful kids.....they are all adults but in my heart they are still my kids : ). One is out of the house now but my other two are still at home and I love it! I love my kids with my whole heart......but I sure do not love when they do this......

Items left on our dining table, coats hanging on chairs

Dear son has always peeled his clothes off when he would get home......dropping things here and there....cute at the age of 3 now age 20 not so cute.......
Ties wrapped around chairs, shelves, anywhere he can find a spot!
Yes, I sure do love my kids but not the lil piles they lay here and there.....but I will love it for now because one day those lil piles will no longer exist when they leave home.......and then I will be loving to hate all those neat places.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Day!

This pic was taken at 3 in the afternoon, snow was being blown around by the increasing winds!
I took this shot from my window.....this was only the beginning.
10 pm and the snow has not stopped, it blew and snowed all day long. Thank goodness I didn't have to work tonight! The hospital where I work was bunking the employees (pm shift) in our auditorium overnight until driving conditions improve.
10 pm, a pic of our picnic table in our backyard.
View from our front door, you can't see the sidewalk or the street and still snow is blowing and blowing.