Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Big Time News

This beautiful girl who has enriched our lives with much love and laughter has some big time news! She is engaged!!!!!!!! My oh my where did that lil babe go that used to cuddle in her mommas arms? The lil babe who would scream if one dared to take her away from her momma.....she has always been one to call the "shots" so to speak and when she was not ready for something she let you know she was not pleased!
This time....someone came along and took her from my arms.....and she balking.....crying or screaming involved ; )

She met the man of her dreams and my prayers.....yes, I have been praying for her husband since the day I knew I had a wee lil one in my body.
This is who has stolen her heart, well not completely since God has her whole heart but I would say Kyle has a huge part of it too. God chose the perfect fit for our daughter and we are excited, sad, happy, and looking forward to watching this young couple begin their journey of love, commitment and ministry......where God leads them...we do not know, but we will continue to pray for them and be there to encourage them along : )

Proud Daddy and his girls.....letting his baby girl go will be one of the hardest things this dad will have to endure....I see many many tears!
My two beautiful girls! Ok, so one of those lovelies I have to share with another momma but I love her much!
My busy bee
My fun loving gal...
My love!

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Jana said...

Congrats. I know it is a loss, though. I can't bear the thought of my daughter leaving my nest. she is only 10 but it will be here before I know it. I know.

Just keep thinking of those precious grand babies. Ahhh, that will be a great blessing. Jana