Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Summer Goes On and On Aug 22-29

This cute lil cat bookmark is what I made for my partner in the cross stitch group I belong to. The exchange was a stitched bookmark, single serve drink mixes or tea bags, two skeins of a summery colored thread.....we were celebrating the joys of summer! Reading, sipping something cold and refreshing and stitching!
You can barely see the hawk that was flying over our yard. It was closer but I didn't have the camera handy and when I went back outside this was all I had. I have seen about a dozen of them flying overhead at one time! Obviously hunting for food.
The garden spiders are helping get my "fall" theme going in the backyard! : )
Everytime I see these rocks I am reminded of my days on the California coast! Sigh......miss my beach!
Truly amazing that these delicate plants can sprout and grow and thrive in the midst of these "heavy" rocks! Determined to grow!
I can hardly wait for this to quit moving sooooo fast! It'll be nice to give the air conditioner a break, as well as our checkbook!
Mmmmmm yummy honey! Hubby has a co-worker who harvested this yumminess. I love to see the sun shining through the jar.
The honey above was used to make these! Homemade granola bars : )
I made dinner for the girls! They were enjoying it al fresco! Give me a group of folks to cook for and I am happy! Can you see the guys in the background? They were kind enough to man the grill and obviously play a lil tune on the guitar.
Dear Mowgli is selling his scooter......good thing since winter will be here before you know it!
Well thats it for the week! Not much going on at the moment.....just enjoying the days as they go by one by one : ) I am so looking forward to Fall though!

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