Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fun Times With The HIllstroms Plus The First Week of August

My favorite time of the day! Mornings with my cup of coffee and my Bible! Add a lil worship music playing softly in the background...that is if I am inside. If I am outside then add the chirping of birds!
I was going through some old boxes and I found this! Robin Hood's first year calendar. I had soooo

much fun writing in this! I need to send this to Maid Marion! It was fun looking through this and yes, it did bring a tear or two to my eyes and it did make my heart ache for my son too.
Princess made us dinner one night and it was so delicious! Lightly breaded chicken and orzo with a yummy salad! she is going to be an awesome wife!
Izzy and Maggie taking a is way too hot outside.
Maggie's sad face, she is such a doll!
I made blueberry cake for breakfast one morning this week! Most delicious : )
Ari is here! He was going on a ride with Uncle Ron! FYI family in Az call hubby Ron although he is really called Rhoel, easier to say and remember.
All ready to go! My sis was a bit nervous here! They went on a little errand and made it home safe and sound!
Ari and Bailey! Ari is a big time animal lover! Just like his Aunt Sandi : )
Fireworks that were brought over from Texas and Missouri. Living in Az the opportunity to light them is nil, not allowed.
Checking out the river, it was a rainy day as you can see.
Ari and his Dad(Pat) checking out the water level. It was high!
We took Ari to the library and he had fun "writing" a story.
Here is his story.
Time for fireworks! : )

Not quite sure what was going on here but it does look like Ari was trying to tell his dad something.
Sisters : ) Please be kind, it was the end of the day...we were tired and we look like poo....well I do sis looks great as usual!
Ari and his favorite person here! My Mowgli is great with kids!

Mosquitoes were horrible! We were armed!
Mowgli would not look at me!
A second try.....
Ari on top of Mowgli's scooter
Fishing day and they caught some! Ari loves to fish!

The Martin's invited Ari to their soccer group for the day! Ari had a blast! Prince charming played too : ) You can also see his sister and brother too.

Partytime, we had a small gathering to celebrate Ari's birthday. He turned 7 : )

Cousin Lyka and her Dad were on one team
Uncle Erick and JoyAnne were on another
Prince Charming and Elijah rode their bikes : )
Princess with the pinata.....oh where oh where should we hang it from?????
Lol, Prince Charming to the rescue!
Some of the hungry crew ; ) That lil tree you see there is my new aple tree!
Abby getting ready to whop that pinata
ball player Lexi gave it a swing
So did Niko! Even after a karate kick it stayed intact!
Ari giving it a shot
aunt Christy was not letting anyone off the hook! Princess had her turn.....did ya notice the adults had to be blinded!
Prince showed no mercy, remember he was controlling that thing!
Holly had a turn
So did I!
Mowgli's turn, I think Princess was having a bit too much satifaction in spinning him around!
Hubby even gave it a whack, all the candy came out : )
Ari opted for a trifle cake this year, layers of chocolate cake, vanilla pudding, chocolate pudding and whipped topping with oreos thrown in! it was sooooo good esp with the homemade vanilla ice cream we made!
Time to blow out the candles! Sorry for the blur
Time to open gifts!

and more family : )
Cute couple
A little worship music was played
Dad and son at the end of a rather fun day!
Even maggie and Klyle were wiped
On our way to Sweet Tomato for lunch! Hubby opted to ride his bike
We had to leave early, the rest of the gang went to Geneva to do a lil shopping
This is why we left early, Mazi's previous owner asked me to take these lil beauties
So on one of my blogs I read how you can catch fruit flys, I wasn't sure it would work but it did! They could check in but couldn't check out!


Kamian said...

I Love you ( THIS MUCH ) Thanks for being amazing.

window into our life of love, joy, and adventures! said...

I love you too K : ) mucho mucho much!