Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Boy Time Flies!

How quickly time went by when my sister and family were here for a visit! One day they had just arrived and boom! Time to say our goodbyes : /.
I truly enjoyed having them in our lil home, hope they felt welcome and loved!
Mowgli and Ari got along great! They are both techies! I love this picture of the two of them.
Boy, do I look rough! Not much sleep was had the night before and it was a sad day of goodbyes. I love my lil Ari! He is so smart and sweet and reminds me soooo much of my Robin Hood!
Beauty and me....ugh! I do not like my pics.
Our fav Pat!
Two peas in a pod!
Ready for the long ride home! Norhtern Illinois to Southern Arizona! Hope to make the ride shorter one day when sis moves to Texas!
It has been so hot this week! Shaded the window with foil! Good ole' foil : ) Keeps the hot sun away and helps keep the house cooler. Tacky, yes.....but when it is hot you don't mind.
I have also been busy working on some stiching! I can't reveal what I stitched until my partner receives her goodies! I belong to a Yahoo group of cross stitcher and we often have little exchanges throughout the year. I will get a pic up this week!
Summer=weddings! Mowgli's job had a surprise bridal shower for one of the girls.....they did an awesome job! They decorated the bank and even made favors! He works with a great group of people.
Have my garden shoes ready for work! My sis gave these to me, I love pink and she knows it!
This is supposed to be a flower garden, somehow this summer it has been sorely ignored! Weeds is all you see here.
Phew! What a job that was, one side down another to go. I need to get some Fall flowers in there! It looks rather sad.
Weekend fun! Family barbeque. Brother in law Erick, Aunt Susan and Aunt Happy and Hubby. Kids were busy so it was just hubby and I there. Good food and good company! : )
Joy was comfy!
Kids having fun in the computer room.
Well thats it for the week!
Summer is coming to a close and soon we will be in the midst of my favorite season! Fall. I am looking forward to the change. We still have a few weeks of summer left so I will be enjoying the rest of summer by relaxing and taking things at a slower pace. Catch up on my reading list...start a few new projects, and just simply enjoy the outdoors.

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