Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Juicing Day 1

Well we survived! today was not very hard on me as I was too exhausted to be hungry since I worked last night. Hubby did have a challenge as he was bombarded by scenes and smells of food, but he remained strong and did not cave in! Woot!!!

Tomorrow will be another day, I am sure as the next few days approach us it will become more difficult as our bodies will be getting rid of toxins that have accumulated in our bodies. We just need to remember that those feelings are not permanent and not too long after we will feel good again!

Maybe by Friday we will start a walking program as well. It will be good to get active....of course I have been climbing stairs at work and I do try to park far away from the doors when I go shopping. Every lil bit helps! : )

Time for rest now!

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