Thursday, July 28, 2011

Day 2

Ok! Day 2 done! It wasn't too bad......hunger pangs were few, I did wake up with a headache tho' and felt a bit on the sluggish side which is to be expected. Hubby felt good although he was craving food when his co-workers were eating in front of him but he remained strong! So proud of him. The kids were feeling like me, headache, lethargic....but overall good. I am hoping to get over the tired phase and I really miss my energy!!!
Our Mean Green drink, not as bad tasting as it looks.
We started this journey to be in better shape nutritionally, let our food take care and heal our bodies of what it needs healing in.....for being in our forties we really are not in need of modern medicine all that much. Yes, we do like our food......I love to cook and eat and my family is big on eating but for the most part we are healthy....maybe some numbers might be up when they should be lower, our bodies are not moving as much as they should and maybe our joints are a bit on the stiffer side than they used to be when we were younger.

We are making a change, before it gets too late. I work in a hospital and every night that I work I see what can happen when we fail to take care of our bodies, it is not a pretty sight.
Becoming grandparents, we want to enjoy playing with our granddaughters and future grandchildren....can't do that if our bodies are not healthy!

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