Monday, March 28, 2011

It's Monday Again

It seems like not much has been going on but a lot has been going on.......nothing exciting to write about, I think at times, and yet life is so full and busy that I don't have time to write.

My oldest has begun to just write.....write the words that are swimming in his head.....instead of being deliberate....maybe that is a good idea. I have so much to write about.....maybe too much! Oh my spinning head. was a quiet day, which is great considering I worked last night. I like to keep life at a peaceful calm when I work nights......only fill my days with the necessaries. I got off work this morning and was picked up by my handsome son : ) love our lil moments of chats like this......fed Izzy and let her play outside for a few minutes....had a chance to say howdy to my dear daughter before she left for work.....chatted on the phone with hubby. I even had time to stitch a little before I lay down for my nap! : )

Woke up and had a houseful of young gals who are learning to sew! Love that! My daughter is teaching some young ladies the art of sewing and hopefully they will become big fans!

After a little puttering and reading it is time once again for my then I am free! : ) for 6 glorious days!

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