Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Blue Day

It really was a sad yet good day today. Pic above is our Maggie, who no longer is ours but someone else's......we made the hard decision to let her go to a home that would fit her better.
Her new home is in the country a bit.....much more room than we have here.....daily walks and a trio of pugs to play with! Her new mommy is a single mom and wanted a dog that would "watch" their home and help them to feel safe....Maggie is perfect for that! Her mom also said we are welcome to visit Maggie when we want to.....she is only over the river and a few miles away. I will miss her....but I am sure she will be much happier in her new home. Izzy is an only pup-child again.....she seems to like that. Izzy was getting very impatient with Maggie and the two even had more than a few squabbles.....not a fun thing to see!
So with sadness we said goodbye to Maggie yet with thankfulness we are happy she found a good home with people who understand and love the big old mastiff.

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i know your feeling on this entry. i had to do the same thing last year. it's such a hard thing to do... just know that your pup will still have a good life in his new home.