Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I love Wednesdays! Ginny's Yarn Along Time!

I am taking a quick break to post this, it has been a rather busy day today! But I did not want to miss out on adding my yarn along project! I am planning on ending the day by having my cup of yummy tea.....earl grey with lavender....mmmmmm and reading everyone's posts! I love blog hopping, I get so many ideas.....and I love to see how others are enjoying the fine art of yarn creations!
This week I am still reading Lark is quite a big one! I am enjoying it and imagining how those walks thru an English village would be like. Quite interesting characters too. I am still reading through One Thousand Gifts.....not in this pic but I have it on my nook.....relishing every page Ann has written. She is definitely not one whom you can quickly read through and I love that! I love taking in words......slowly and pondering on them. For my quick reading tho' I am into my good ole Tightwad Gazette. I have had this book for years and I still enjoy thumbing through it and getting re-inspired to live on the frugal side!
As for my handwork.....I am still working on my daughters scarf....crocheting that one......I am almost done with the amount of hexagons I need to finish it! : )
I am knitting some new dish towels for my kitchen.......I do love the cotton yarn, it holds up to a ton of cleaning and it does get my dishes quite clean.
Well breaktime is over so off to get some more work done so I can play! : )
have a great day every one!

Ooops almost forgot! You can find Ginny here: to see you there!


Maria said...

I love the hexagons for your daughter's scarf. I really want to learn how to crochet so I can make things like just can't do the same stuff with knitting needles. Everyone is raving about One Thousand Gifts! I think it'll be my next amazon purchase.

Josée said...

Knitted dish cloths are great! Mine are in dire need of replacement though :S Time to knit some more I think.

no spring chicken said...

Knitting and crocheting? I'm still just a knitter with a big desire to move on to crochet. Much desire but not the time right now. I too love the knitted dishcloths. They are a fun quick knit and wonderful to have on hand for impromptu gifts! Can't wait to see the hexagons put together for the scarf.

SuzyQ said...

Your crochet is exquisite!
I'm hoping to read Ann's book soon too. Her words always touch my heart.