Wednesday, November 17, 2010

T is For Texas!

In October we met up with my sis and her family and my mom and dad in Texas! : ) A great time to celebrate both my mom's birthday and my sisters!
Hubby and my sis cooking up a storm!
Pat relaxin after wrasslin with the cows, puttin up a fence and running a marathon! Way to go Pat.
A lil bird told the waitress that it was Moms birthday!
Same bird also told the waitress that it was Sisters birthday last week too! Don't they look cute in them fancy hats?
My sis and Mom willingly told everyone in there their birthdates and their ages!!!!! Can you believe that?!
Serenaded by the staff!
Cabin number 3 for a night
Hubby relaxing in front of the cabin.
Scene from the cabin door.
On the road following Pat and my sis....on the way to Lake Fork.
Getting to the bridge.
Big lake!
Some fishermen, it was a beautiful day!
All of us gettin a lil snack! : )
Shopping at Walmart, getting fishing licenses and fishing gear.....someone forgot his gear in Illinois!
Even hooks come in jumbo Texas size.
First Monday! My sis was on the hunt for her pup, Hubby and Ari were on the hunt for some good grub.
Grub found!
Not sure what they were looking at here.......hmmmmm
Our entrance to First Monday.....not our last visit here thats for sure! Oldest and biggest flea market in Texas, it really is huge!
Honey, don't you think we need horns in the house?????
My daddy is sooooo romantic! He bought this sign for my mom, and she loved it!
Hubby checking out some arms
On the hunt for sweet potatoes! Did not get them from here.....these sellers were from Florida, we wanted Texas grown ones!
Tator farm!
My sis checking out a pup.
Yup, she fell for him hook line and sinker! He is adorable tho'.
Hanging out at the vets.....he was soooooo mellow!
Hubby and Ari getting the fish made up for frying.
Ya catch it, ya clean it and ya cook it! Wife's rules : )

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