Wednesday, November 17, 2010

T is For Tennessee! Gatlinburg

Girls got this shot at one of the stores, you can find the oddest stuff in these stores!
Nuff said
A very friendly Jack Sparrow! We never did find out where he came from but this is what you would come across at night in just never know who or what will be there!
The girls : ) Are they not just too cute!
You could smell this place from the outside!
Yup, it was calling his name
Jess could only smell and see the stuff
Yum, Not!
Hubby's favorite fair food! Funny thing is we never had the chance to get some!
Sleigh ride!

Christmas is in the air

These are real!
Who would eat these???????
My lil crew!
Jess getting some help from Holly since she didn't follow thru the first time. Hubby and Holly crunched theirs with no problem.....ewwwww.
Round two, Jess is still not too keen on it but she did it! All I can say is yuck!
Museums galore

Fun nights!

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