Wednesday, November 17, 2010

T is For Tennessee! Cades Cove

After a few days and nights in Gatlinburg we finally made it into the mountain! We had a quick tour of Cades Cove. It was such a beautiful day, we could have easily spent the entire day out here!
First stop was the John Oliver Place.
They raised 9 children in this one room house! Boys slept up in the loft while the girls and babies slept in the one and only room in the house with mom and dad.
Jess outside the Oliver home.
We had to stop and take pics, it was so gorgeous out!

Families often pulled off the road and had a picnic while on the tour in the cove.
One of the churches
Another church

Here we are on the trail to the Elijah Place, yup we had to hike there.
Saw some bears are known to be active in this area. All we saw were deer and turkeys and squirrels.
Coming to the homestead.
We figured this was the barn for the livestock.
A smokehouse
Elijah Oliver Place
Holly is in there waving at us
Jess found a door her size!
It led to this place.....the whole house is being held up by a pile of rocks! Remember, this house has been standing for over 200 years now!
Holly in the livingroom-kitchen-familyroom-bedroom!
Chicken coop?
Back view of the house
Awesome construction! No nails here!
We didn't know what this was but it did have a tree trunk made into a pipe...with water flowing from it from a creek behind the lil shed.
Tree trunk/water pipe
Fencing.....maybe for the garden
The only source of heat
The loft
Heading back to the "real world"
Gorgeous shot of Jessica's favorite tree

Saw lots of these
Christmas tree lit up for the holidays!
We took a lil light tour of Gatlinburg's holiday lights.
Oooooops, thinking Tennessee did not want us to leave!
It was early and cold but the girls still looked gorgeous!

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