Friday, December 26, 2008

A Big Surprise!!!

We had a wonderful Christmas day! After work I was picked up by dear hubby with a nice big cup of coffee! Yum!
I made some gorilla bread, it's a larger and yummier version of monkey bread. I will have to post some pics in a few days!
P and J opened their gifts and they were happy with the goodies they received, hubby and I were too! P gifted us with some new cozy slippers! I love my slippers as my feet are always sooooo cold. I also received some bath and body works goodies! J wrote me a very special poem. It was a very nice morning.
Since D and T were making us our Christmas dinner for this year it became a very relaxing day. I thought it would be a great time to clean the bird cages. the kids were cooking in our home so the rest of the family did a quick clean up. I was almost done with the bird cage cleaning when I heard hubby tell us that the kids were here. As he opened the door I could not believe the voices I heard! It couldn't be! So I thought. the voices belonged to Tracy's parents!
I knew that Tracy's sister Deb was coming over for a visit during Christmas, but her parents too?! What a wonderful, wonderful surprise. This family has become such a dear special addition to our family.
So Daniel and Tracy's sister Debbie made us a proper English dinner, I have to admit I have become a Yorkshire pudding fan! Oh my it's delicious stuff!!! A wonderful dinner, wonderful company, it was a very blessed day.

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