Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Last Day of June?!!!!

Some June shots! Wow, did this month fly by.......
Joyanne playing volleyball with the family during one of our outings
Paddle boat time!
Fishing with her uncle : )
Nothing says summer like swimming in a good ole fashioned swimming hole!
Family picnic!
Yummy strawberries from the Long Grove Strawberry Fest! These were soooooo sweet!
Mmmmmm strawberry donut!
Hubby checking out the salsa's
Good music was playing everywhere!
Spent the day in a Japanese Garden.....soooo peaceful and beautiful

Hiking in White Pines
Took an ice cream break in Oregon Il
Finally finished Jessica's scarf!
Still stitching away!
Enjoyed some wonderful days outside with the fids
Graduation get togethers
Hubby out with his aunts who were visiting from Australia.
I really need to get back into posting a once a week review in pics! So much happens during the months and now that we are getting closer to the wedding is only going to get crazier!
Well now we say goodbye to June and hello to July!

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