Monday, May 30, 2011

May Came and Went!

Remember the ribbons I bought and said I was making something special with them? Well finally I am posting on them! I first saw these adorable things here.., I fell in love with them and thought how cute! Sunshine as a rattle toy! So I studied the instructions....bought the supplies and got to the task of creating my version of sunshine! As you can see I embroidered the girls names on each of their own sunshine....loved them! My camera did not pick up the true bright yellow of the fabric....but are they not cuteness????

Flowers from my son on Mothers Day! Flowers truly lighten and brighten up a room don't they?
Hubby and I went on his bike to Long Grove and found this cute lil British store there.....we came away with these meatpies! They were quite delish!
I also stopped in and visited this little treasure of a store! I came across this book, I follow Susan B Anderson's blog... and had to come away with the book! I am hoping to make these for my lil cuddlemuffins! : ) They actually had a Spud on display and oh my! he was adorable!!!!! We weren't able to get pictures due to the fact that my camera's batteries died.....we do plan on visiting Long Grove again in June for their Strawberry Festival......I will be sure to take tons of pics! It is the cutest town!
My daughter and her new lil baby, Cassie.
We celebrated my hubby"s aunts birthday.....Happy Birthday Aunt Susan!
Here she is saying hello to all her guests who came to celebrate with her.
Caught a glimpse here of my brother in law and sister in law, good food : )
Hubby and his brother catching mother in law is in the background
Aunt Susan and friends and her beautiful daughter!
Me, hubby and his mom and Susan! : )
Aunt Susan and the "young ones" handsome son is the one holding his thumb up!

Hubby and our new lil critter to love, Cassie.
Cassie playing on one of our visits to her house.


Sher said...

Wehave a Cassie too, she will be 8 yrts old this week, she was born in my basement the yr before I married DON!!!

Sher said...

hi Sandy bored today to Memorial day inside in the air conditiong, doing music and lyrics for church stuff, having a great quiet day!!