Monday, July 19, 2010

Week of July 12

This week was a quiet one, lots of trips down memory lane, lots of prayer, and just plain ole trying to adjust to the changes in our family unit. Kids in England are doing wonderful, as expected! Robin Hood is enjoying the new sights and food I am sure, Maid Marion is faring well, just a tad of the good ol pregnancy weeziness, and of course my Dumplin is being loved to pieces and more than likely enjoying every bit of it!
I did start my holiday projects.....well one of them! Still learning the fine art of knitting.....can't tell you all what this will be due to the fact that it will be a Christmas gift!

We didn't get a veggie garden up this year, my heart just wasn't up to it I suppose, but our neighbors did bless us with some yummy cucumbers! Love them! One of the meals I made with them was very yummy!!! You will get a peek at it later.
Had quite a few days of hot humid and rainy weather.
Princess playing Robin Hood's guitar, he left this for her to "keep" for him while he and lil family are in is reassuring to see this in the house : ) a part of my son still home.
Someone received roses! It wasn't me.......Princess had the biggest smile!
With all the rain that came down, grass had to be cut! I promised I wouldn't get hubby in the shot!
This salad was very yummy and has become a favorite in the house! Spinach, romaine, cucumbers, blueberries, strawberries, feta cheese, almonds, yum, yum, yum.
The complete meal, it was most delicious!
Pat had a birthday this week!
One is never too old for candy!
We had a birthday lunch at Just Kabobs, the tators were y favorite part of the meal!
Hubby and Mowgli : )
Yummy spinach pastry.....although Mowgli didn't think so. One bite was enough for him but that was ok, more for me : )
It was my birthday too! I received a lovely bouquet from my Mowgli and a dinner date : ) . Princess gifted me with a favorite doing movie nights with her! We have movie/crochet nights : ) and to end the day....we went out for dinner but I forgot the camera! How that happened I do not know! But it was a lovely dinner : )
You all have a blessed week!

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