Sunday, July 4, 2010

Our Week in Pics, June 27- July 3, 2010

My week started with my handy dandy list! I would get absolutely nothing accomplished without it! It's going to be a busy week so i already had quite a few things on my list!
For some reason Harley is in the paper shredding mood lately....busy making a nest!

Kids moved out of their house this week, they moved some stuff back into our home....I could always use more stuff! My oldest "Robin Hood" is so wanting to be a minimalist....."Maid Marion" has a lil love affair of stuff and I am sure Dumpling will be collecting stuff too....I wish Robin Hood well in his endeavor! : )
Beauty was busy making pillows for her new home in NC! She did an amazing job : )
So proud of her work! : )
Princess made some scrumptious yummy cupcakes! They were filled with ganache and strawberries, the frosting.....buttercream.
Holly enjoying a day with us! We love Holly : )
After dinner the kids went on a bike ride....we stayed behind to burn paper with Robin Hood, Maid Marion and Beauty.
Thumbs up from Eli and Holly : )
here we are burning away
Beauty picked up a new hobby! Not really but it was cute!
Bailey on a lil stroll in the backyard.
Mmmmmm good! Homemade jam and scones with a nice hot cup of coffee!
Princess enjoying her lunch today!
Yay! Mowgli got a promotion at work today! Can you just feel the excitement??????
Princess bringing in the balloons for our farewell picnic to Robin Hood and Maid Marion and Dumpling.
My two gals enjoying the sun and swinging away.
Princess dreams of actually being this tall! She is actually only 5'2" tall!!!! Just like her Mommy : )
I gotcha Dumpling!
One of the Brown kiddos fishing away, they are one of my favorite families!
Time to get out of the sun for a bit!
Caught some of the Martins! A great family!
Some of the Alcantara and Terrenal families
Vic met a few Vics today! There were quite a few of them!
Miss mary and Dumpling sharing some love
We had entertainment! : )
We even had a "hotdog" at the picnic! : )
Uncle Erick playing baseball with the kids! Lost track of how many times the ball ended up in the river!
Dumpling sharing some special moments with kathie And Vic! Very special couple!
Beauty and Princess
I think Aunt Susan was trying to give Uncle John directions to the park here. Aunt Happy and Grandma enjoying a visit with friends and some food : )
I love this pic! Uncle Patch (Mowgli) and Dumpling loving moments together!
Robin Hood, our writer : )
The girls spitting watermelon seeds!
The guys were completely enthralled by the seed spitting competition! Lol
Dumpling and De'Reen! : )
A tuckered out lil girl! It was a long week for her!

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