Sunday, January 3, 2010

A new year

The start of a new year! I love sitting by candle light in the evening the last few days of the year....sipping a nice hot cup of tea, reflecting on the past year and what possibilities will come in the next year. This year has not been different.

My personal goals are the same typical ones I hear others write about, more time and a closer relationship with God. Better health choices, more know the typical list : )

My biggest desire aside from getting closer to God and really hearing and knowing His direction in my life is to live life in a more determined way. I want to cherish my time with my family and friends.....really stop and be there for them. I also desire to become a better helpmate for my making home a sanctuary from the chaos of the world....I want to incorporate some of the old way of living into our home. Simple hard work but so satisfying!

Our Christmas was nice and relaxing even though I worked the night before and had to cook as soon as I got home in the morning! My favorite time of the day was in the evening when we all sat down to watch some movies and just relax! Dear hubby had to work that evening tho and he was missed! Sadly we all forgot to take pictures!

New Years Eve found me at work again! Thankfully it was a quiet yet busy night in the hospital.

So now for the organizing, planning of a new baby! baby is due next month and we are very happy and excited to become grandparents! We can hardly wait to spoil this new lil wee one : )
Later today I will be ordering some yarn so I can start crocheting some blankets!

My other goal is to be more consistent with the blog writing! : ) Well tea is getting a bit cold so I better go and relax and shop! Thank goodness for online shopping : ) No need to trudge out in the cold!

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