Saturday, June 28, 2008

Surprise Getaway!

Well hubby had a surprise for me, a lil weekend getaway! It was very nice to get away and have some fun just enjoying time alone with each other.

We ran away to Wisconsin, Black River Falls to be exact. We both fell in love with the area!
We made it into the hotel just in time to miss a major summer storm but the next day it started out sunny and beautiful then it changed to cloudy! But we did get to do some looking around at the Black River. After checking out the river and some cottage rental areas we made it into town and stopped in a quaint lil general store. They had the cutest vintage items there and dear hubby bought me a homemade amish basket. I can hardly wait to fill it with homemade goodies! We also enjoyed a waffle cone filled with homemade blueberry cheesecake ice cream! It was so gooooood.

After spending the day in town it was time to get back home so on the road we went again. I must say it was a quick trip but it was a very nice trip as well.

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Meari said...

Where do you live that you're close to WI? I'm in NW Illinois.