Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Time to rest! Sort of

Finally time off from work! Going back after being off for a week was rather hard.....but it feels good to be back.
Today I have a ton of laundry and cleaning to do......home cooked meal? Yup!
During my devotions this morning I wondered, what type of legacy am I leaving? I pray when people think of me they not see me in the physical sense...but in my character.
With Mothers Day approaching I tend to reflect on the whole aspect of being a mother and I am so truly grateful that God gifted me and trusted me with his children! I desire to have my children see me as a mother who prayed. A mother who loved.
I also thank God that I have a wonderful prayerful mom and grandmother, their devotion to God and their personal prayer life have been an inspiration to me and because of their commitment to prayer we have been blessed with family coming to know Christ!

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