Sunday, June 13, 2010

Taking A Moment

Yup I am still around! Like the new pic of our Sophie? She is visiting her family in Az with her Mummy and Daddy, from what we are hearing she is loved by all and did very well on the plane!

It has been raining lately sooooo not much gardening has been done....but I am thankful for the rain and how it has watered our yard and plants! Actually the rains has brought up some interesting critters! hubby was grilling yesterday during a pause of the rainfall....and what did he find on the ground? A crawdad! In the ten years we have lived here we have never had this happen. This morning he took the dogs out to do their thing before he went to work and he found another one in the grass!

I haven't done much as far as crafting/stitching is concerned. I really need to tho', I feel kind of lost by not having something to do with my hands at times.
Well I must get some sleep now.....we are picking up the kids at the airport early! I am so happy to see them and get some Sophie cuddles!

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