Saturday, May 16, 2009

Saturday again!

I got off work this morning and thought I would join hubby in the yard, or garden as my lovely daughter-in-love calls the yard. while hubby was cutting the grass I set my goal on the lil flower garden I have in front. My goal one day is to see it in it's full glory as a full English garden!
Our neighbors were working on their yard as well, it was a lovely morning. They informed us that their two trees are coming down due to the fact that a family of squirrels have taken residence in their attic! I am sad to hear the trees are coming down as I love to watch them sprout every spring.

Hubby and I spent some time together just enjoying the weather and each others company before I took a nap. when I woke up the kids meaning Dan and Tracy were in high gear getting ready for their road trip. The kids are going to Az to visit my parents and sister and brother and their families! I sure hope they have fun out there! Of course being a mom I asked them to make sure to keep me posted while they were on the road.

For dinner tonight I am making some ribs on the grill and pasta salad. I hope to enjoy the rest of the day stitching and relaxing : )

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